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Reasonable and Constructive Response to Dissatisfaction of Citizens


OHR | 13/2/2014
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“Corruption, unemployment and low standard of living have produced dissatisfaction among BiH citizens and this requires a reasonable and constructive response from all political leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” High Representative Valentin Inzko said today.

The High Representative met today in Sarajevo with a parliamentary delegation from Poland led by Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Jerzy Wenderlich.

The High Representative said that citizens throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina have the fundamental democratic right to peaceful demonstrations, and he said it is essential that the relevant authorities uphold this right, and that both police and demonstrators behave in a responsible manner avoiding violence.

“Leaders have a moral and political obligation to listen to the voice of the people and respond constructively through a dialogue,” the High Representative said.

The High Representative expressed his appreciation for the proactive and constructive role that Poland has taken over the years in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the Western Balkans.