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Supervisory Order Abolishes Entity Legislation, Ends Legal Significance of IEBL in Brcko District


OHR Brcko | 4/8/2006
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Brcko Supervisor Susan Johnson has issued a Supervisory Order abolishing the application of Entity legislation in Brcko District and declaring the IEBL to be of no further legal significance in the District.

The Order stems from the Final Arbitral Award, which anticipates the abolition of the legal significance of the IEBL in Brcko District and charges the District and the Supervisor to ensure that this is done, in effect requiring replacement of Entity legislation applicable in the District with District legislation that applies on both sides of the IEBL.

The Order states that all laws of the Federation and the RS and of any constituent institution of either of the Entities will immediately cease to have legal effect in Brcko District.

Until such time as new District legislation is enacted to replace repealed Entity legislation, existing District, State and Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina laws applicable in the District are sufficient to regulate the spheres of activity covered by Entity legislation that this Order will repeal.

Entity laws listed in the Annex to the Supervisory Order will be taken over immediately as laws of Brcko District and will apply throughout the District. These laws will remain in force until amended or repealed by the Brcko District Assembly.