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| 13/2/2006


Old Media Reports (afternoon)
OHR BiH Media Round-up, 12/2/2006


TV news broadcast onFeb. 11, 2006


TV PINK (18,00 hrs)

BHT 1 (19,00 hrs)

Sanader in visit to Mostar

Davidovic on negotiations with EU

Protests in Zvornik re war crimes

Vecernjakov Pecat ceremony in MO

Tihic on continuation of negotiations

Ljajic re Ratko Mladic

HDZ on Trade Unions requests

Dodik regarding new Government

World News

General strike on Monday in MO

Movem. for Change as political party

Maslesa on Sharon ’s condition


NTV Hayat (19,00 hrs)

FTV  (19,30 hrs)

RTRS (19,30 hrs)

‘Srebrenica 3’ case, update

WHC teachers’ strike ended

Dodik regarding new Government

Tihic,Dodik on constitutional talks

HNC teachers announce strike

Tomic said Abazovic did not fire

Davidovic on judiciary reform

INPEK continues with production

Funeral of Sladjana Kobas

Changes in Movement for Changes

Mital-Steel workers sign petition

Tihic on continuation of negotiations



New RS Government as early as at end of February

Dnevni Avaz

Reis Ceric: West and Moslems should be partners in establishing of peace

Dnevni List

Mandic was financing hiding of Radovan Karadzic

Vecernji List

Ivan Ljubicic ‘Person of Year’ in BiH (‘Vecernji List Stamp’ award)

Nezavisne Novine

General Chiarini: They were imputing us information about Karadzic’s whereabouts


Political issues

Dodik on new RS Government, its future tasks /Dodik announced abolishment of RS Privatisation Agency












RTRS By S. Jungic- Milorad Dodik, RS Prime Minister Designate met with NGOs on Saturday in Banja Luka. Dodik said that has support of 46 RSNA Representatives and that he will ask on Monday for the RSNA session in order to elect a new RS Government and RSNA Speaker. Dodik will propose Igor Radojicic for the RSNA Speaker. Dodikannounced abolishment of RS Privatisation Agency claiming that it was used for criminal activities adding that its work will resume the Development and Investment Bank. Dodik also said that his goal is strong RS and that his Government will not have 100 days but 3 days to start working. Dodik added that he will resign if he does not achieve results in first few months. Dodik promised changes in the judiciary due to large economic crime so the Special Departments with the RS Court and Prosecutor’s Office will be established. “That is clear robbery if they sell printing company of “Glas Srpski” for 100.000 KM and that company is certainly worth few million KM.’ said Dodik. The Dodik’s Government will also adopt new laws on privatisation and Development and Investment Bank, as well as the fund for determining the value of RS assets in foreign countries. Instead of Ministry without portfolio, the new Government will establish the Ministry of family, sport and youth. According to RTRS, the budget should be passed by end of February. Seven ministerial positions will go to SNSD, three to PDP and other four will be given to SDA, SDP, SbiH BiH and DNS. The Executive Board of SNSD at its session held on Saturday supported the Government’s program and election of SNSD members for high positions in RS. Mladen Ivanic, PDP said that still does not know names of PDP candidates for ministerial position and that it will be decided by the PDP Presidency in following few days. BHT 1,RHB, FTV, Dnevni Avaz pg 4 ‘Dodik announced abolishment of Privatization Agency’, Oslobodjenje cover pg splash and pg 3 ‘New RS Government as early as at end of February’ by O. Vukovi, Nezavisne Novine pg 3 ‘Dodik: I will demand session of Parliament’ by S. Gojkovic carry similar reports.

SDA President Tihic, SNSD President Dodik, PDP President Ivanic on voting non-confidence to BiH CoM


RTRS – SDA President Sulejman Tihic confirmed the SDA support to the BiH CoM  and added that Dodik would not launch the issue of non-confidence to the BiH CoM. “The BiH CoM is not functional, it has many problems and that should be resolved. Of course, I do not think that I should do something there on my own. If it was judged that there is a possibility for something to be done, of course that I would do it”, said SNSD President Dodik. “The key of game holds SDA and since they said that they have no intention to change Terzic, I believe that the BiH CoM will with unclear majority continue to function in this form”, said PDP President Mladen Ivanic. Ivanic also believes that it is hard that SDS or any other political party starts the initiative to dismiss the BiH CoM. FTV

Tihic: Const. Changes talks to continue next week/Dodik denies continuation of const. changes talks


Pink, Hayat, RTRS, Dnevni Avaz pg 2 ‘Final meeting on constitutional changes next week’ by T.L. – SDA President Sulejman Tihic said that negotiations on constitutional changes should continue next week. Tihic added that the exact term will be scheduled after the talks during the weekend. Tihic also said that after Nicholas Burns, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs sent a letter to all participants of the negotiations on constitutional changes in which expressed disappointment regarding failure to reach an agreement and called on BiH politicians to continue negotiations and fulfil a promise from Washington, the party leaders should meet and resolve disputable issues. Milorad Dodik, SNSD President denied continuation of negotiations on constitutional changes. “There will be no meeting of eight leaders, but we will try to resolve some issues if possible. I think that the BiH Presidency if others accept should remain and rotate. We are then ready to talk, but if there is no rotation, there is no agreement ”, said Dodik. Nezavisne Novine pg 3 ‘There is no continuation of negotiations on Constitution’ also carries Dodik’s statement.

FBiH politicians, BHT 1 on prospects of const. changes talks


BHT 1  by Z. Medjedovic – Representatives of political parties from the FBiH claim that the obligations set by the International Community on constitutional reforms will be accomplished by the set deadline. Sefik Dzaferovic from SDA statedthat all political parties that have signed the agreement in Washington on completing the first phase of reforms by 31st March should take it seriously. Damir Masic, from SDP, stated that this country is inefficient and that it should commence with the constitutional reform as soon as possible. According to BHT 1, by mid of February, the resolution of European Parliament might get into the way of BIH politicians who have promised the reform of the BiH Constitution. Professor Haris Silajdzic stated that he expects a resolution that will support the resolution of the EU Parliament supporting the constitution based on EU standards. The reporter stated that Milorad Dodik stated that his party will not continue with talks on constitutional changes. Recently established political party Pokret za Promjene (PzP) also does not support the existing annexes to the BiH Constitution. Slavo Kukic, from PzP, stated that the negotiations on constitutional changes should not be taking place since BiH does not have the Constitution. The reporter stated that it is expected that constitutional and police reforms might be stopped because of the pre-election campaigns.

Chief BiH negotiator on SAA with EU Davidovic on course of these negotiations 


Pink -Igor Davidovic, chief BiH negotiator on the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) said that the EU does not demand huge changes of the BiH Constitution and that negotiations on constitutional changes do not have direct impact on the negotiations on the SAA. According to Davidovic, there is no pressure from the EU in that regard. Davidovic said that nobody should deceive citizens that after signing the SAA there will be prosperity in BiH. Davidovic added that SAA is just an introduction into a transitional period that will last ten years. Davidovic informed that a new round of negotiations is scheduled for March 17 and the topic of discussion will be free trade. Also reported by RHB, RTRS, Oslobodjenje pg 5 ‘EU does not demand dramatic changes of BiH Constitution’. 

HR Schwarz-Schilling on BiH organization, BiH’s way to EU


RTRS - High Representative to BiH Christian Schwarz-Schilling judged that the current BiH organization that is based on municipalities, cantons, two entities and one district makes hard for BiH to join the EU. In the process of Constitution’s change, entities have to get a chance not to be obstacles for the reforms. The RS should be aware that the negotiations with the EU will stop if it proves that the RS has connections with war crimes. 

Spanish Ambassador to BiH Gragorri on BiH’s way to EU


Dnevni Avaz pg 5, mentioned on cover ‘EU is satisfied with things that have been done in BiH so far’ by L. Sinanovic carries an interview with Spanish Ambassador to BiH Rafael Valle Gragorri who says that it depends on the authority representatives as to how long the whole reform of the system and society would alast. He added that according to the information that he has BiH is on the right way and last contacts that BiH have made with Europe have been judged as very positive.

VL on Croatian PM Sanader’s mtg with HR Schwarz-Schilling and  Croat political parties representatives


Vecernji List pgs 4 and 5 ‘Unquestionable equality of Croats’ by Z. Kresic carries that Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader met with HR Christian Schwarz-Schilling in Mostar on Saturday. After this meeting Sanader stated that he and his Government support constitutional changes in BiH on the ground of which an efficient state and equality of all 3 peoples would be established. He announced that he would meet with Chairman of the BiH CoM Adnan Terzic in Zagreb next week. He added that during this meeting an Agreement on Property-Legal Relations would not be signed since some items of the agreement are disputable and Serb representatives expressed their objections on this agreement because of Serb refugees from Croatia as well as Bosniak representatives because of property of few companies like Energopterol, PlocePort, Cavtat hospital etc. Sanader expects that this agreement would be signed during his visit to Sarajevo. Sanader expects that the Agreement on Double Citizenships might be also be signed at this meeting in Sarajevo. HR Schwarz-Schilling stated after the meeting with Sanader that in many things BiH would have a partner in the official Zagreb. The HR also expressed hope that he would not have to use his big powers. The HR supported the Sanader’s initiative that instead of the Balkan trade zone the countries from the region start their accession to the EU through CEFTA. VL inset carries that Sanader also met with Croat parties representatives (HDZ, NHI, HSS, HDU, HNZ, HSP Djapic-Jurisic) and Bozo Ljubic. He did not meet with HDZ President Dragan Covic since Covic broke his leg on Friday and he could not attend this meeting. VL says that after the meeting with Croats parties there were no press statements. Nezavisne Novine pg 3 ‘Sanader talked to Terzic’ by M.K.,Dnevni List pg 6 ‘Sanader visited Mostar’ also report on the Sanader’s visit to Mostar. NN just says that he also met with Terzic.

HSP Djapic-Jurisic President Jurisic on mtg with Sanader/ Croat Block disappointed since they were not invited at this mtg

RHBHSP Djapic-Jurisic President Zvonko Jurisic said prior to meeting with Ivo Sanader: “Sanader said that he would like to meet us (representatives of Croati political parties in BiH) in order to be introduced with our stances regarding constitutional changes in BiH, which I find of extreme importance”, said Jurisic. Croat Block (Hrvatski Blok) stressed its disappointment with the fact that their representatives have not been invited to the meeting.

Hayat on background of SIPA raids in RAK premises


Hayat - By the end of 2005, SIPA agents, inspectors and state agencies raided offices of the Communication Regulatory Agency (CRA). On Friday, SDHR Martin Ney asked for explanation of this case from the BiH Minister of Transport and Communications Branko Dokic. Namely, the reporter says that Dokic, being a PDP member, as well as SIPA Director Sredoje Novic, are angry with CRA due to the fact that CRA rejected to transfer over 1 million KM to BHT account, due to the fact that CRA rejected to give 2 gigahertz to the RS Telecom for free, due to the fact that CRA sest a fine to OBN, etc. CRA Director Kemal Huseinovic said that SIPA members had been raiding CRA offices for over a month, seizing all necessary documentation. Huseinovic says that these actions have been ordered by assistant to State Prosecutor Biljana Simeunovic (also a PDP member, adds the reporter). “The activities have been ordered by Biljana Simeunovic and on the basis of the audit report. It is surprising that such activities are being carried on the basis of extremely positive audit report”, said Huseinovic. “You should ask SIPA… I do not know what to say. I have heard this from Mr Ney on Friday for the first time”, said Dokic. “I am afraid that politics and political pressure of structures, which disagree with CRA, its objectivity and transparency, is behind all of this”, says Huseinovic. Huseinovic further added that a lot of persons have approached him and said that if he had been more flexible and if he had given the RS Telecom 2 gigahertz for free, no SIPA agents would have ever come to the CRA offices. Huseinovic does not want to disclose the names of these persons. ADnevni Avaz pg 9 ‘SIPA is checking audit report for 2004’ by M. Kukan, ‘Dokic; It is ungrounded to make political speculations in advance’ by M.K, Oslobodjenje pg 2, mentioned on cover ‘It has become SIPA’s habit to raid RAK’ by A. Kalamujic also reported on the issue.

FBiH HoR willing to resolve FBiH Government’s crisis next week


Dnevni Avaz pg 8 ‘Representatives ready to resolve authority crisis as early as next week’ by M. Kukan carries that SDA, HDZ, SBiH Caucuses in the FBiH HoR would demand to adopt changes to the Law on Government and Ministerial positions in an urgent parliamentary procedure in order to form a new Ministry and make appointment of two FBiH Ministers. SDA President Sulejman Tihic stated that the FBiH Government’s crisis can be resolved in 15 days.

Movement for Changes transformed into political organization


Pink, Hayat, RTRS, Dnevni Avaz pg 4 ‘Sahbaz Dzihanovic new President’, Oslobodjenje pg 6 ‘To preserve citizens from ethnic divisions’ by S. Hodzic, Nezavisne Novine pg 2 ‘Sahbaz Dzihanovic new President’ by M. Rener – At the session of Movement for Changes (Pokret za promjene) held on Saturday in Sarajevo, it was decided that the movement should be transformed into a political organization in order to be able to take part at the following elections. Sahbaz Dzihanovic has been appointed the President of the organization, while Nada Sevo, Dragutin Ilic and Dubravko Lovrenovic were appointed Vice Presidents.

BL Bishop Komarica met with HR Schwarz-Schilling/Komarica raised issue of poor return of Croats

RTRS, Dnevni Avaz pg 4 ‘Politicians must help returnees more’, Oslobodjenje pg 3 ‘Bishop demanded help for returnees’ - Banja Luka Bishop Franjo Komarica informed High Representative to BiH Christian Schwarz-Schilling about most urgent problems of the catholic population in this diocese. Komarica said that only 3% of population returned in 10 years and asked Schwarz-Schilling to accelerate return of Catholics and others that want to come back.  

Reis Ceric in Malaysia : ‘West and Moslems should be partners in establishing of peace’


Dnevni Avaz cover pg splash ‘West and Moslems should be partners in establishing of peace’ and pg 2 ‘West should accept Islam as its value’ carries that Reis Mustafa Effendi Ceric talked at the international conference in Malaysia and he stated that the issue of trust between Moslems and West is the most important challenge of the present time. He added that the challenge for Moslems is to bring back into life the spirit of ‘Medina Constitution’ in order to establish a dialogue and  tolerance with other religions and cultures, while the challenge for the West is to accept Islam as its own value.


War crimes

Members of families of war crimes victims from Zvornik say no justice in indictment against “Zvornik group” at trial before SiCG Court




FTV - Members of families of war crimes victims from Zvornik have organized protests regarding the indictment against the “Zvornik group” at the trial before SiCG War Crimes Court. According to the family members of war crime victims, the indictment doesn’t include many war crimes that happened in Zvornik region therefore it does not bring justice. President of the Association families of war crimes victims, Ahmet Grahic, stressed that they cannot allow trials for war crimes that happened in BIH to be processed in foreign countries. The director of the Belgrade Fund for Humanitarian Right Natasa Kandic stated that ICTY will give needed evidence for the trials adding that other cases of war crimes in Zvornik region should be included in the indictment.  Protesters asked for the trials to be processed before the BIH courts and that BIH Judiciary uses the witness protection programme. BHT 1, Dnevni Avaz pg 4 ‘Murderers of 750 young men from Zvornik still at large’ by A. Hadzic, Oslobodjenje pg 4, mentioned on cover ‘Who is responsible fro killing 668 Bosniaks in Bijeli Potok’ by A.A..

Tomic, lawyer of eleven years old Dragoljub Abazovic: Accoridng to expert opinion Abazovic family did not open fire at EUFOR soldiers


RTRS - Dusko Tomic, lawyer of eleven years old Dragoljub Abazovic, a son of Dragomir Abazovic, the war crime indictee, said that according to the expert opinion Abazovic family did not open fire at EUFOR soldiers on January 5 during the incident in Rogatica when EUFOR soldiers tried to arrest Abazovic. On that occasion Dragomir and Dragoljub Abazovic were injured while Rada Abazovic, a wife and mother died. Tomic said that it is inadmissible to shoot at child’s back or woman’s back. EUFOR did not want to give comment saying that still has not seen final official report. Anica Vukadin, District Prosecutor East Sarajevo said that can not give details due to investigation that is in process.  Also reported by Hayat, Dnevni List pg 3 ‘EUFOR shot first at Abazovic family’ . Oslobodjenje pg 2 ‘Accusations in ‘Abazovic case’ are speculations’ carries a EUFOR spokesperson as saying that the investigation is still underway and that Tomic’s claims are too early.  

EUFOR Commander Chiarini: There are no information that Karadzic and Mladic are in BiH

Nezavisne Novine cover pg splash and pgs 8 and 9 ‘They were imputing us information about Karadzic’s whereabouts’ by A. Sisic carries an interview with EUFOR’s Commander in BiH General Gianmarco Chiarini who says that the International Community has not given up the arrests of Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic. He added that he does not have at his disposal any information that would refer that the two of them are in BiH.

Privredna Bnaka Srpsko Sarajevo M. Mandic was financing hiding of Karadzic though ‘black fund’


Dnevni List cover pg splash ‘Mandic was financing hiding of Radovan Karadzic’ and pg 3 ‘Mandic was financing hiding of Karadzic through black fund’ by E. Mackic carries that owner of Privredna Bnaka Srpsko Sarajevo Momcilo Mandic shouldenter plea  before the BiH Court on February 21. The bill of indictment against Mnadic says that the he was helping hiding of Radovan Karadzic and that the assistance for Karadzic was paid through the black fund which existed in the headquarters of the aforementioned bank. 


Update on issue of Prophet Mohammed’scaricatures

Sunday’s protest in fornt of Danish Embassy in Sa cancelled

BHT 1, Hayat, RTRS – The Muslim Brotherhood announced that the protest in front of the Danish Embassy in Sarajevo, due to Prophet Mohammed’s caricatures scheduled for February 12th, will be cancelled because it was not reported in time. Reported by almost all printed media.

Face to Face: Begovic (organizer of protests in Sarajevo due to Prophet Mohammad’s) and Mustafa Effendi Spahic, professor at Gazri Husrev-beg Mosque


Hayat - By S. Hadzifejzovic Guests of Face to Face were Salih Begovic, the person who organized protests in Sarajevo due to Prophet Mohammad’s caricatures published in European press and Mustafa Effendi Spahic, professor at Gazri Husrev-beg Mosque. They spoke about protests and consequences they had. Begovic said that he was ready to take the full responsibility for the protests and bear the consequences, but added that he was satisfied with them since no greater incidents took place. Begovic furthermore adds that Muslims had to stop being silent, neglecting provocations they are faced with and being presented as terrorists. Begovic also said that he regretted the fact that flags were burnt down, especially the Croatian one, since Croatian officials condemned the caricatures. Mustafa Effendi Spahic supports the protests, but not the kind of protest, which were held in BiH, but the ones which would be in line with Islamic principles and regulations. He said that public protests supported violence. Spahic added that the protests, organized all around the world, drove the attention from the caricatures and put the protests and protesters in the first place. Spahic added that it was exactly what the ones who made the caricatures or ordered someone to make them wanted to cause.



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