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| 24/5/2005


Old Media Reports (afternoon)
OHR BiH Media Round-up, 24/5/2005


Latest radio news broadcast at 12.00 on 24 May


BH Radio 1 (12,00 hrs)

RTRS (12,00 hrs)

Farmers against import of livestock

Vc Corridor construction

Stojicic on police reform

War criminal arrested inArgentina

Contact Group on police reform

BiH Environmental Agency

Syrian troops leave Lebanon

BiH Croat leaders to meet in SA

Pupovac on coalitions in CRO

TV news broadcast on 23 May


TV PINK (18,00 hrs)

BHT 1 (19,00 hrs)

HNC MoI on events in Stolac

HR on BiH situation

Ferhadija Mosque case

Croatian delegation in BIH

Ivanic attends EBRD meeting

Contact Group urges police reform

Saudi Arabia delegation in BIH

Croatian Delegation in visit to BiH

SIPA Director not appointed

Croatian press on war crimes

Saudi Arabia Delegation in BiH

Conference on education of judges


NTV Hayat (19,00 hrs)

FTV  (19,30 hrs)

RTRS (19,30 hrs)

An electrician injured at work

HNC MoI on events in Stolac

Contact Group urges police reform

NATO on Ratko Mladic

Ferhadija Mosque case vs. RS

Unannounced meeting of RS parties

Mitrovic pleaded not guilty

Petition for RS’s separation from BiH

Carty visits Trebinje

FBiH buss owners vs. RS case

Masovic on del Ponte’s statements

Ferhadija Mosque case vs. RS



Current relations not suitable to anyone (BiH/Croatian parliamentarians mtg.)

Dnevni Avaz

Amor Masovic: Carla del Ponte does not have a support of her chi

Dnevni List

Free phone calls

Vecernji List

Turkovic participated in brining Islamic soldiers to BiH

Slobodna Dalmacija

None child bearing woman  has received maternity compensation so far

Glas Srpske

Workers made up a shift

Nezavisne Novine

Works to be suspended


Owners ransom the stolen vehicles

Vecernje Novosti

Features Serbia related topics

Srpski Nacional

Features Serbia related topics




RSNA Speaker Stojicic says not a single reform can be a way to change Constitution


RS Radio, FENA - The RSNA Speaker, Dusan Stojicic, said today that the police reform in BiH could be implemented on the basis of EC's principles and within framework of the BiH Constitution. He said that the RS accepted European principles and that the principles could be incorporated into the police reform without changes to the Constitution. Stojicic reminded that the RSNA would discuss the issue on May 30 adding that not a single reform could serve as a way to change the BiH Constitution.

Former HR Petritsch says BiH still ethnically divided


RS Radio - Wolfgang Petritsch, Austrian Ambassador to UN in Geneva and former High Representative in BiH,has stated that clear European perspective resolves all outstanding issues in the Balkans. Last night in Vienna (at the presentation of the project of National Bank of Austria : Croatia , Serbia and BiH), he said that there are still unresolved issues in the Balkans area (including Kosovo status, future of BiH, etc.), whose resolution is to follow. All these problems are in co-relation and demand a joint strategy, stressed Petritsch. On BiH, he said that ethnic divisions were still in place noting that the joint state of BiH was still not accepted.

Initial documentation for Vc corridor presented in Sarajevo


BH Radio 1, RHB - The initial planning documentation for construction of Vc corridor through BiH was presented by BiH CoM Chair Adnan Terzic in Sarajevp today. Consulting houses from BiH and foreign countries including Croatia and Italy participated in the project. Now it is up to BiH Council of Ministers to chose one of the proposed options and then to continue working on final project Feasibility Study provision of funds for the construction of the corridor.  

Farmers against import of livestock from South America


RHB - The Association of Farmers of BiH is protesting against the RS Government’s initiative, which was submitted to the BiH Council of Ministers, to import livestock from Brazil , Argentina and Uruguay , which would be imported customs-free. The association admits there is lack of domestic livestock from domestic capacities, however in the same time the association is warning against a suspicious quality of livestock from South America (genetically modified food).


Political Developments/Reforms

Croatian parliamentarians visit BiH











RHB, Pink, BHT, Hayat, FTV, RTRS, Oslobodjenje cover page, pg 3 ‘Current relations not suitable to anyone’, Dnevni Avaz pg 4 ‘Situation in relations between the two countries should be considered’, Dnevni List pg 3 ‘Urgent appointment of Ambassador in Croatia demanded’ not signed, Vecernji List pg 2 ‘Faster resolving of Ploce Port status begins’ by E. Medunjanin, Slobodna Dalmacija pg 6 ‘Delegation of Croatian Parliament in BiH’ by B. Kristo, Nezavisne Novine pg 2 ‘Relations with Croatia deteriorated’ by M.Cubro, EuroBlic RSpg 2 ‘BiH and Croatia approaching to agreement on borders’ by SRNA  – A delegation of the Croatian Parliament’s Foreign Policy Commission arrived in Sarajevo on Monday for an official visit to BiH. Members of the Croatian Commission met with representatives of BiH Parliamentary Assembly, and during the meeting it was agreed that relations between the two states needed to be improved further, especially in terms of reaching the necessary interstate agreements, such as for example free trade agreement, issue of Ploca Port use or the agreement on legal-property issues. “BiH is interested in using the Port of Ploce as much as possible, for purposes of BiH economy, and I hope that we can do something about this issue”, said the Chair of the Commission for Foreign Affairs at BiH House of Representatives, Martin Raguz. The Chair of the Croatian Foreign Policy Board, Gordan Jandrokovic said relations between the two states were friendly, but they needed to be improved. He said that they as parliamentarians were going to ask executive authority to support everything which would improve the relations. “Croatia supports sovereign, independent BiH which would be integrated in the EU and NATO, while having all three constituent peoples equal”, said Jandrokovic.

BiH, Saudi Arabia set on boosting investments


RHB, Pink, BHT, Hayat, FTV, Oslobodjenje pg 7, mentioned on cover ‘Saudis interested in trade, tourism’, Dnevni Avaz pg 2 ‘Saudi Arabia wants to invest in tourism’, Dnevni List pg 4 ‘Saudi Arabians do not give up giving assistance to process of return’ by M. Zorlak, Vecernji List pg 2 ‘Possible investments in tourism and health sector’ by ra, Slobodna Dalmacija last pg ‘Improving of good relations’ by D. Pasic, ONASA - Political relations between BiH and Saudi Arabia are at high level, but a legal framework needs to be created in order for cooperation on economic plan and plan of investment and tourism be intensified, it was concluded at a meeting of members of the Collegium of both houses of the BiH parliament with a delegation of the Parliament of Saudi Arabia. "There are possibilities for cooperation in the field of investment and tourism, but a legal regulative should be created for that," Salih Bin-Abdallah Bin-Humayd (Chairman of the Consultative Council), who leads the delegation of Saudi Arabia, told reporters after the meeting. Speaker of the BiH Parliamentary House of Representatives Sefik Dzaferovic said that the goods exchange between the two countries of 1,500,000 dollars is not appropriate and that an ambient for its rising should be created. "We agreed that activities related to the signing of bilateral agreements on improvement and protection of investments and double taxation avoiding should be completed as soon as possible," Dzaferovic said, and added that BiH is interesting for Saudi Arabia from the aspect of tourism. The officials estimated that the former inter-parliamentary cooperation has been good and that mutual visits of the state and parliamentary delegations should be intensified. The guests were also informed about the process of reintegration of BiH. "We expressed our gratitude for the assistance of Saudi Arabia and they promised us that the assistance of Saudi Arabia to BiH in the process of return of refugees and displaced persons will be continued," Dzaferovic said. In the course of the day, the delegation of Saudi Arabia, which is in a three-day official visit to BiH, also met with members of the BiH Presidency and visit the Gazi Husrev Beg mosque in Sarajevo and old part of the City of Sarajevo. On Tuesday, the delegation will visit Mostar, where they will meet with Mayor Ljubo Beslic and visit the Old Bridge . On Wednesday, the delegation will meet with Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers Adnan Terzic and visit the King Fahd Cultural Centre.

Contact Group meets with Ashdown, calls for agreement on police restructuring in BiH


BHT, FTV, RTRS, Oslobodjenje pg 3 ‘Police reform does not jeopardize entities’, Dnevni Avaz pg 2  ‘Agreement on police only in compliance with three EC’s principles’, Dnevni List pg 5 ‘Contact Group called on talks on police’ by NINA , Glas Srpske pg 2 ‘Dayton is not in jeopardy’, FENA - The Contact Group met on Monday with the High Representative/EUSR, Paddy Ashdown, said a press release issued by the British Embassy to BiH. The Contact Group called on all leaders of BiH, particularly those in the Republika Srpska, to reach agreement on police restructuring in accordance with the European Commission's three principles. It urged the Republika Srpska National Assembly to enable RS leaders to negotiate such an agreement, which is necessary for BiH to begin negotiations with the EU on a Stabilization and Association Agreement. The Contact Group re-iterated that the European Commission's three principles for police restructuring do not in any way threaten the existence of the Entities or the Dayton Agreement and are not negotiable, according to the press release.

DL Statement of Day: HR Paddy Ashdown

Dnevni List pg 2 ‘Statement of Day’ carries High Representative Paddy Ashdown as saying: ‘We have brought BiH in front of the EU and NATO’s door.’

SD comments on calls for abolishing of authorities of IC in BiH


Slobodna Dalmacija, pg 15 ‘The weaker one needs arbitration’, by Petar Milos - Commenting on the frequent calls for abolishment of the IC’s authorities in BiH, which in the author’s opinion did not fulfill the expectations, the author argues that the Serb side in BiH hopes that it would fortify the RS’ borders easier without the presence of the IC, whilst the Bosniaks would speed up the process of turning the FBiH into a Bosniak entity through outvoting of the Croats. Having said all that, the author is amazed that some Croat politicians, led by Dragan Covic, are advocating the abolishment of the OHR and limitation of the IC’s power in BiH. In that context, the author says the weaker one needs the arbitration, however in order to achieve something, representatives of the Croat people will have to do something too and not be soft when it comes to hard negotiations.

VN comments on HR’s powers


Vecernje Novosti pg 4 ‘Paddy changes the Dayton’ by B. Popovic - The article refers to the statement of Banja Luka Faculty of Laws Professor, Vitomir Popovic, who claims high representatives to BiH have so far reached 664 decisions that are in violation of all provisions of international laws (see OHR BiH Media Round Up, May 23) and carries reactions upon this statement. The Head of JUKOM (Yugoslav Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights), Biljana Kovacevic - Vuco, says it is no news to see signals coming from RS that Paddy Ashdown is suppressing the population in that area. She says such signals have an aim to deceit audience in Serbia and convince them there is a terror in RS, which is nonsense. ‘We must respect the fact Ashdown is a protector and his word should be the final. It is completely other thing that this professor and similar to him would prefer to make war instead to establish democratic institutions’, she said. The Coordinator of Forum for Ethnic Relations, Dusan Janjic, thinks what Paddy Ashdown had been doing lately in BiH is in violation of the Dayton Agreement. According to Janjic, the international community does not have instruments to apply provisions of this Agreement, but it also does not have enough of political consent to officially change it. Janjic claims HR accepts the same stance majority of Bosniak politicians plead for - creation of unitary BiH - which had led to a war in Bih in the first place.

RS Serb Radical Party against Dodik’s initiative on police reform


RTRS, Oslobodjenje pg 11 ‘Radicals against Dodik’s proposal’, FENA – The RS Serb Radical Party (SRS) rejected as unacceptable proposals of the Alliance of Independent Social-Democrats (SNSD) concerning the adoption of a constitutional charter that would define authorities of the RS in the future constitutional structure of BiH. SRS President Milanko Mihajlica also rejected as unacceptable the initiative of SNSD President Milorad Dodik according to which the RS should offer in the continuation of talks on police restructuring in BiH a model that would accept the crossing of the inter-entity line. Speaking at a press conference on Monday Mihajlica said that political agreement for changing the Constitution does not exist, and even if it did exist the BiH Constitution can only be changed in clearly defined procedure, and not by charters “or some other experiments”. He did not exclude the possibility that certain “international circles” are behind this proposal made by Dodik and repeated that any change to the existing constitutional structure would be at the expense of the Serb people and the RS.

Glas Srpske pg 5 ‘Get away from Constitution’ by D.T. - SRS feels that the acceptance of proposed police reform concept would mean the further decentralisation of BIH in the area of judiciary, agriculture, finance and economy, adding it would be a dangerous experiment at the detriment of RS. SRS President, Milanko Mihajlica, commented Monday that the RS Government should improve the work on the issues of economic, social and privatisation issues.

Pensioners’ Party of RS on police Reform

RTRS, Glas Srpske pg 5 ‘An expensive way-in ticket’ by D.T. - The Pensioners’ Party feels that RS National Assembly shouldn’t have a difficult task when it decides on police reform if it complies with the RS Constitution and Dayton Agreement.

Stojicic on police reform: Yes to police reform in line with EU principles, but within existing territorial organization


EuroBlic RSpg 2, announced on cover ‘We choose either bad or less bad decisions’ by Goran Djuric Dusan Stojicic, RS NA Speaker, stated that RS finds the three EU principles on police reform acceptable, bringing into question the interpretation of those principles, especially in regard to territorial organization. He reiterated police reform in BiH can be implemented within the framework of BiH Constitution and with transfer of authorities onto state level. He warned that hindrance on police reform would make RS as obstructionist, noting that on the other hand, acceptance of police reform as proposed would represent a radical change of the Dayton Peace Agreement and BiH Constitution.

RS political leaders meeting on police reform in Prijedor– no statements


RTRS, Nezavisne Novine pg 2 ‘Meeting of parties from RS on police reform’ by SRNA – At the building of the Prijedor Municipal Parliament, the meeting of the representatives of political parties took place last night. According to some unofficial information, the meeting focused on police reform in BiH. The meeting was attended by: Dragan Cavic, Milorad Dodik, Nikola Spiric, Dragan Mikerevic, Petar Djokic, Marko Pavic and Milanko Mihajlica. No participant of the meeting gave a statement after the meeting.

Together to Truth Association collected some 30,000 signatures for secession of RS from BiH


BHT, FTV, Oslobodjenje pg 11 ’30,000 signatures for separation of RS from BiH’, Glas Srpske pg 5 ‘Padlock on vault’ by S.Miletic, FENA – Citizens’ Association Zajedno do Istine (Together to Truth) has so far collected approximately 30.000 signatures of support to the initiative for secession of RS from BiH, Association’s President Dane Cankovic announced on Monday. Cankovic told a press conference that the collecting of signatures would be continued. Criticizing the transfer of Entity competencies to the State level, he stressed that the “RS authorities should stop financing the joint BiH institutions, because their decisions are damaging to the RS and the Serb people, and contrary to the Dayton Accords”. Cankovic also called on Serbia to stand in protection of the Dayton Accords or support the secession of RS from BiH, if the anti-Dayton initiatives for transferring the RS competencies to the State level are continued”.

EUPM Commissioner Carty says talks on police reform at a crucial stage


RTRS – EUPM Commissioner Kevin Carty in Bosnia and Hercegovina visited Trebinje on Monday. He said that police reform in the country was at a crucial stage and expressed the hope that party leaders would work out an agreement on that issue. It was necessary to eliminate any improper political interference in the work of the police and the State Border Service, which is one of the main reasons for police restructuring, Carty said, adding that, without that, BiH cannot have efficient police forces that serve the citizens. Politicians must ask citizens to cooperate with the police and pass on information in connection with criminal activities they are aware of instead of publicly criticizing the work of the police. Stressing that the DGS in this area is responsible for controlling the most critical part of the BiH state border, Carty said that the SBS had to carry out its task with full professionalism. Asked to comment on the statement of Dragan Andan, director of the Serb Republic Police, that Al-Qa'idah members are trained on the territory of BiH, Carty said that he had sent a report about that to the High Representative and that it was too early for him to publicly comment on the content of the report. Other media in BiH also covered the visit.

Terzic on appointment of SIPA Director


Nezavisne Novine pg 4 ‘No agreement between Ivanic and Colak’ by M.C. Adnan Terzic, BiH COM Chair, on Monday confirmed that Mladen Ivanic, BiH Foreign Minister, and Barisa Colak, BiH Security Minister, have not as yet reached any agreement related to appointment of SIPA Director. Terzic added: “I expect  from Ministers Colak and Ivanic to reach an agreement on appointment of SIPA Director after Ivanic returns from Belgrade, where he is attending annual EBRD session.”

BHT feature on SIPA Director appointment


BHT Marina Boskovic – SIPA Director has not been appointed yet. BiH Minister of Security, Barisa Colak and BiH Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mladen Ivanic cannot agree about new SIPA Director, reports BHT. It is announced from the BiH Ministry of Security that they will try to solve a dilemma on the future SIPA top officials during this week. New competition, which is going to be announced for Deputy Director should be of use for appointing of Serb member to this position. That would open a possibility for Croat Dragan Lukac to be appointed for SIPA Director, said the reporter. “We have to announce a competition for the third position as soon as possible and that position will belong to representative of Serb people”, said Colak. For Ivanic, this solution will be acceptable only if position of State Border Service Director belongs to representative of Serb people. Ivanic claims that the same principle of appointing has to be applied at all security institutions. “Political parties have right to nominate the officials on the certain functions in accordance to the law, and that is all right. But that does not give them right to drag a matter out”, said Boro Petrovic, criminologist.

SDA Presidency adopts list of candidates for the top party posts


Dnevni Avaz, pg 4 ‘Tihic’s list for leading offices in SDA supported’, by A. Malagic - The SDA Presidency, at a session held yesterday (Monday), decided on the list of candidates for the party leadership that will be elected at the party’s 4th convention scheduled for May 26. In comparison to the proposal made by the Staffing commission, considerable changes had been made. Namely, the SDA president Sulejman Tihic offered a new list of candidates, which did not contain some names from the original list and which included some other names. Tihic and Elmir Jahic remained the only candidates for the party president’s office. Five vice presidents will be elected among Muhamed Ibrahimovic, Sefik Dzaferovic, Sead Jakosmanovic, Bakir Izetbegovic, Seada Palavric, Edin Music, Mirsad Kebo, Ibrahim Nadarevic, Sadik Ahmetovic, Adil Osmanovic and Salko Obhodjas. Ahmetovic and Music were added to the list, whilst Senija Bubic, Salko Sokolovic, Halid Genjac, Sefket Hafizovic, Semsudin Mehmedovic and Sejad Delic were removed from the list. Avaz learns that a lively discussion was led after Sokolovic protested that his name is not on the list, who was of opinion that the area he comes from (Herzegovina) is not adequately treated. It is also worth noting that Bakir Izetbegovic abstained from voting, being unhappy with candidates from the RS and also supporting Sokolovic’s claims. Finally, as far as deputy president’s office is concerned, two candidates are Adnan Terzic and Sanjin Halimovic.

Oslobodjenje pg 6 ‘Tihic and Jahic nominated candidates for the SDA President’, Dnevni List pg 2 ‘List of candidates for SDA President defined’ not signed, Nezavisne Novine pg 2 ‘Tihic and Jahic – candidates for SDA President’ also covered the issue. 

OSCE’s Drewienkiewicz on defence reform: RS must decide what kind of military it wants


Oslobodjenje, pg 5, mentioned on front ‘RS must decide what kind of military it wants’, by A. Prlenda - The chief of OSCE Mission’s office for security cooperation, John Drewienkiewicz, who is one of members of the Defence Reform Commission (DRC), commends the work of professionals from the RS in the DRC, however he warns that the current failure in the police reform could slow down the defence reform. Drewienkiewicz notes that politicians in the RS have to decide what they really want, believing that there is a complete consensus that the current overlapping with three MoDs and three HQs is simply not affordable. He also says that in order to abolish the entity MoDs, the DRC has to make draft changes to the Law on Defence and make a completely new law on service in the military. According to Oslobodjenje, the High Representative wants the new legislation to be official by beginning of July. Finally, Drewienkiewicz says that so far the RS NA’s decision have not prevented the RS representatives from taking part in the DRC’s work, however they (decisions) request that changes agreed within the DRC cannot be implemented without the approval of the RS NA.

Bisera Turkovic to get green light for assuming duties of BiH Amabssador to US?


Vecernji List cover pg splash ‘Turkovic participated in brining Islamic soldiers to BiH’ and pg 4 ‘Which is connection between B. Turkovic and Islamic soldiers’ by D. Jazvic – VL speculates that according to some information the reason as to why the USA has not sent accreditation for newly appointed BiH ambassador in Washington Bisera Turkovic is the fact that during the war when she was a BiH Ambassador to Croatia coming of Islamic soldiers to BiH, including the ones who are connected to terrorist organizations, was organized. VL also says that the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on Monday that there is no reason that the USA deprive Turkovic of the accreditation. Oslobodjenje pg 7 ‘State Department gives green light for Turkovic? And Dnevni Avaz pg 2 ‘Approval for Turkovic not disputable’ also covered the issue saying the Bisera Turkovic was likely to get US Administration’s approval for taking over the office of US Ambassador in Washington.

SD interview: Madunic (HDZ) on relations within HDZ


Slobodna Dalmacija, pg 15 ‘HDZ is led by UDBA and family ties’, by Milan Vukadin (UDBA - former Yugoslav intelligence) - Carries an interview with a candidate for new HDZ president and President of Croat Caucus in the FBiH House of Representatives, Ivan Madunic, in which he mostly criticizes the current situation in the party, saying the current HDZ is not what’s supposed to be, a party that takes care of people’s interests. Asked to say who’s at fault for the situation, Madunic says it is the HDZ president, Barisa Colak, because he did not want to be what they voted him for. Madunic explains that Colak believed too much in friendships, family and other ties, and eventually he realized that his “friends” (Niko) Lozancic and (Dragan) Covic tricked him and paved the path to hell to the original HDZ. Madunic believes the HDZ is nowadays used as a “brand” by certain individuals who protect their own interest.

VL: Hadziomerovic announced his resignation’


Vecernji List pg 2 ‘Hadziomerovic announced his resignation’ by mr – According to VL unofficial information, newly appointed President of the SDA Mostar Board Zijo Hadziomerovic sent a letter to the OHR in which he announces his resignation at the aforementioned position. VL reminds that High Representative Paddy Ashdown warned Hadziomerovic that he would be removed or faced with the International Community’s isolation if he obstructs implementation of the Statute for re-organization of Mostar.

Fikret Abdic resigns as DNZ party leader after war crimes verdict


BiH media reported that the presidency of the Democratic People's Union (DNZ) of BiH on Monday relieved Fikret Abdic of duties as party president and appointed Rifet Dolic, party representative in the parliament of the Federation of BiH, acting party president. The DNZ said in a statement that Abdic had submitted a request to be relieved of duty after he received a final verdict from the Croatian Supreme Court confirming his initial verdict sentencing him to prison for war crimes. Dolic will lead the party until its regular election assembly on 1 October.


War Crimes

FBiH Commission on Missing Persons Chair Masovic calls on Del Ponte to resign







Dnevni Avaz cover pg splash ‘Carla del Ponte does not have a support of her chiefs’ and pg 3 ‘Masovic invites Carla del Ponte to resign’ by E. Sarac - Chairman of F BiH Commission for Missing Persons Amor Masovic Monday invited Chief ICTY Prosecutor Carla del Ponte to resign and make space for someone with more courage. ‘What does her statement, saying that if Karadzic and Mladic are not arrested by the end of the year she would say who had obstructed the arrests, means? This can mean nothing else but that everyone knows who does not want to make these arrests and why they do not want to make it’, Masovic said. He also added that he thinks, apart from resigning, it would be even more moral to say she does not have a support of her chiefs, i.e. of UN. He also thinks that the ten years that have elapsed since Srebrenica genocide were enough to finally understand there is no political will to arrest Karadzic and Mladic. Masovic is convinced a number of RS politicians and international community members are in contact with Karadzic and Mladic and he thinks these two have certain guarantees they would never have to face trial. RHB, FTV,Dnevni List pg 5 ‘Carla del Ponte’s announcement that she would not come to Srebrenica condemned’ by Hina, Oslobodjenje pg 3 ‘Carla Del Ponte should step down’, FENA, Glas Srpske pg 3 ‘Resignation is the only way-out’ also carried Masovic’s statement.

ICTY’s Hartmann: The Prosecutor Del Ponte has no instruments to make arrests


Dnevni Avaz pg 3, announced on cover ‘The Prosecutor has no instruments to make arrests’ by E. Sarac - Upon the invitation of Chairman of F BiH Commission for Missing Persons Amor Masovic to ICTY Chief Prosecutor Carla del Ponte to resign, the Spokesperson of the Hague Tribunal, Florence Hartmann, has stated that the Chief Prosecutor fully accepts any responsibility over the fact Karadzic and Mladic are still not standing trial at the Hague. She also explained Del Ponte’s rejection to participate to the commemoration for Srebrenica victims on July 11 by saying Del Ponte thinks she has no moral right to show before Srebrenica mothers who are still searching for their children. She reminded ICTY does not have a unit to make arrests, nor it is technically equipped for such actions. ‘Amor Masovic obviously had not listened to the Prosecutor’s appeals. She had appealed to all representatives of the international community to arrest Karadzic and Mladic in the course of this year in order not to betray Srebrenica victims one more time’, Hartmann said. Hartmann announced a Del Ponte’s new Balkan tour including the visit to Sarajevo on June 3. Nezavisne Novine pg 3 ‘Carla del Ponte in Belgrade and Sarajevo at the beginning of June’ by SRNA also announced Del Ponte’s visit.

Update to investigation on payment of salary to Ratko Mladic – indictments filed against 10 persons involved


Nezavisne Novine pg 4 ‘Documents on payment of salary to Ratko Maldic delivered to Prosecutor’s Office’ – ATV Monday evening reported that following the investigation into the payment of salary to General Ratko Mladic, RS MoD has handed documentation on the persons linked with this criminal act to RS Prosecutor’s Office. Zoran Cvetkovic, Assistant to RS MOD, said that documentation refers to “approximately 10 or more persons”, expressing expectation that PO will bring charges. According to Amor Bukic, RS Chief Prosecutor, the documentation is not in a form of denunciation, but instead it is just a documentation pointing at persons involved in this matter, noting the documentation has been forwarded to BiH Prosecutor’s Office a month ago.

Hayat, Glas Srpske pg 2 ‘Employees reported’ by M.Dz, Oslobodjenje, Dnevni Avaz also covered the issue.


Economic/Social Issues

BiH Foreign Minister Ivanic addressed EBRD annual meeting in Belgrade, called on foreigners to invest in BiH





Pink, BHT, FTV, RTRS, Oslobodjenje pg 13 ‘BiH close to self-sustainable economy’, Dnevni List pg 2 ‘Economic environment in BiH presented’ by NINA, Nezavisne Novine pg 5 ‘Investors invited to invest in BiH’, FENA – BiH Foreign Minister Mladen Ivanic on Monday presented the BiH economic capacities at the Annual Assembly of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which took place in Belgrade. He presented the results of the still ongoing economic reforms in BiH, as the representatives of companies spoke about their experiences on investing in BiH. The presentation was conducted with participation of representatives of UNICREDIT-Zagrebacka banka, Mittal Steel Zenica and the Head of EBRD Office in Sarajevo . Ivanic said that BiH was ready to accept foreign investments since the country was completely different from what it had been ten years ago. During the visit to Belgrade , Minister Ivanic had several bilateral meetings with representatives of international financial organizations and state delegations of several countries that took part in the three-day EBRD Annual Assembly, which ended on Monday.

Economic analysts find Terzic’s statement on economy ridiculous


Nezavisne Novine pg 5 ‘BiH is illusionary stable’ by R.Segrt – The economic analysts in BiH (Damir Miljevic from Banja Luka, Dragoljub Stojanov from Sarajevo and Borislav Bijelic from Banja Luka) find the statement of Adnan Terzic (that economic situation in BiH is stable and favourable) unserious. Miljevic said that: “The examples proving this is that unemployment rate and foreign-trade deficit have scaled up since 2002.” According to Stojanov, the level of export is too low with too slow scale-up tendency. Bijelic says the only stable thing in economic regard is currency, noting it is absurd to say anything else in economic regard is sustainable.

Nezavisne Novine op-ed pg 7 ‘Terzic’s stability’ by Predrag Klincov ­– The author is also criticizing Terzic’s statement, stressing that foreign trade deficit (increased for BAM 400 million last year) proves this the best. Th author concludes, referring to economists in BiH, the economy in BiH would be torn down as house of cards if many international organizations left BiH and “Gastarbeiters” stopped sending money to their families in BiH.

RAK proposes new prices of phone calls/services


Dnevni List, front pg splash and pg 9 ‘Free phone calls’, by I. Rozic - The RAK (Communications Regulatory Agency) has come up with a proposal of changes to the prices of phone calls/services. According to a RAK spokesperson, Amela Odobasic, it is about a complex process that will last between 2005 and 2007, which will see an increase to the price of telephone subscription fees and other changes. The proposal should also take care of socially deprived people, whose fees will not be changed. All operators in BiH are to declare themselves about the proposal by June 18.

Temporary suspension of works on B.Luka-Gradiska highway in Klasnice

Nezavisne Novine cover pg splash and pg 4 ‘Works to be suspended’ by D.Risojevic – The construction of the Highway Banja Luka Gradiska (on the route Gradiska-Klasnice) has been temporarily suspended over slow settlement of property relations with owners on land, where construction is to be carried out.

GS splash on “Borac” Textile Company from Prijedor

Glas Srpske cover pg splash ‘Workers made up a shift’ by D.B. – Daily brings a story of Prijedor Textile Factory “Borac” and its workers, who were reinstated to the factory facility following decision of Banja Luka Basic Court, which upheld the suit they field against the removed Director of the company, Veljko Djukic.

Features on RS Law on PIF


Nezavisne Novine pg 2 ‘Law blocked over commission reduction’ by P.Klincov NN sources involved in stock exchange of capital claims that the withdrawal of the changes and addenda to the Law on PIF (Privatisation and Investment Funds) from the agenda of the last RS NA session, the Companies running PIF continue collecting annula commissions from PIF’s measures in millions.

EuroBlic RSpg 3 ‘Lobbies against interests of RS citizens’ – Svetlana Cenic, RS Finance Minister, is not satisfied with the fact proposed Law on PIF was removed from agenda of the last session of the RS NA, noting she finds this to be one of the biggest failures of her mandate. She indirectly accuses some people sitting at the RS NA Board for Economy and Finances for this.


Legal Proceedings/Incidents

Energopetrol workers sue FBiH Minister Zigic, Energopetrol Director Busatlic

BHT - Employees of Sarajevo-based Energopetrol company filed criminal charges against FBiH Minister of Energy, Izet Zigic and Energopetrol Director, Namik Busatlic. They claim thatZigicillegally appointed Busatlic in the Commission for selection of strategic partner for Energopetrol. They demand from Sarajevo Cantonal Prosecution to arrest Busatlic. All other media in BiH also reported on the issue.

Update to situation in Stolac


BHT, FTV, Dnevni List pgs 6 and 7, mentioned on cover ‘Forum Bosna and HDZ pay hooligans’ by M. Batarello – With regard to the last and previous incidents in Stolac, DL carries an article in which they accuse President of HDZ Stolac Mladen Boskovic and Stolac family Mahmutcehajic, whose place of residence is in Sarajevo and whose members are incorporated in various forums and Commissions, as those who play a big role when the events in Stolac are in question. DL also says that according to unofficial information, each participant in the Stolac incidents earns 100 KM, while Nerin Dizdar from the Stolac Youth Forum earns even 200 KM form his mentors. DL also says that one of the reasons for the current situation in Stolac is the fact that the law, which is being respected in the rest of BiH, has not come into force in this town yet. DL inset under headline ‘Head of Municipality blames Dnevni List’ carries that commenting on the last incident in Stolac, Head of the StolacMunicipality Stjepan Boskovic stated that the articles published in DL contributed to the current situation in Stolac to a large extent. Vecernji List pg 3 ‘Dizdar: We shall be punishing you for mosque!’, mentioned on cover ‘Inter-ethnic intolerance grows’  by M. Relota carries Dizdar as saying that that he cannot believe that fans of football club ‘Zrinjski’ stoned the mosque in Stolac and thought that they would not be punished for such behaviour. Slobodna Dalmacija pg 16, mentioned on cover ‘7 participants of incident brought in’ by Z. Zekic reports on the press conference that the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Ministry of Interior held with regard to the aforementioned incident during which it was stated that 7 participants have been brought in and the investigation on this case continues. Oslobodjenje pgs 4-5 covers the issue prominently, Dnevni Avaz pg 13.  

Update on HB/Jelavic trial


Dnevni List pg 5 ‘Ante Jelavic without control over Miroslav Rupcic’ by E. Mackic– The trial against former HDZ President Ante Jelavic for the Hercegovacka Banka case continued on Monday with hearing of the defence witness Marko Strbac. Strbac stated that the Office of the Federation of BiH Ministry of Defence in Mostar used to receive the funds coming from Croatia, as well as, a part of the funds from the FBiH budget, which were aimed for HVO members. Strbac stressed that he did not have control over these funds although he was Jelavic’s assistant for finances in the office in Sarajevo at that time. According to Strbac, Miroslav Rupcic used to be in charge of these funds during 1997 and 1998. Slobodna Dalmacija last pg ‘Trial against Ante Jelavic continues’ by H, Dnevni Avaz also reported on the trial.

Ferhadija trial adjourns - verdict reached


BHT, Hayat, FTV, RTRS, Dnevni List pg 5 ‘RS is responsible for Ferhadija case’ by A. Vrebac, Vecernji List pg 2 ‘Compensation for Ferhadija’ by bs, Nezavisne Novine pg 3, announced on cover ‘RS must pay BAM 231 thousand to transport companies’ by N.Moraca, EuroBlic RSpg 3 ‘Damage of BAM 231,336 accepted’ by SRNA - Banja Luka Basic Court Judge, Jelena Bozic, on Monday accepted the lawsuit for compensation of damage of around BAM 231 worth that was raised against RS by 11 bus owners from FBIH. The busses were destroyed on 7th of May 2001 in Banja Luka during the ceremony of cornerstone-laying ceremony for Ferhadija mosque. The court verdict reads that the suit was partially accepted, while the rest of the suit was found unfounded. Faruk Balijagic, legal representative of the suit, said he is “pleasantly surprised over the professionalism of the RS courts”.



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