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The primary role of the Legal Department is to provide legal advice to the High Representative and to the departments and units within the OHR, in particular on issues involving the interpretation of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina (GFAP) as well as on other international and domestic law matters. Legal Department analyses draft legislation to ensure that it is consistent with Bosnia and Herzegovina's constitutional framework and modern European standards and practice and as such plays a key role in the provision of legal service for all other OHR Departments.

Due to the important role of constitutional and legal arguments in the political and economic life of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Department also takes an active role in developing new solutions. To this effect, it works closely with domestic institutions at all levels of government, and oversees legal drafting process. The Department also supports other departments of the OHR in the implementation of reforms.

The staff of the Legal Department includes lawyers expert of Bosnia and Herzegovina and lawyers from overseas representing both the civil and common law traditions. Legal Department is divided in Units specialized in particular fields of law. It comprises a Civil and Commercial Law Unit and the Public and Administrative Law Unit, based in Sarajevo. The Department works closely with the Legal Offices attached to the OHR Offices in Banja Luka, Mostar and Brcko.

The Legal Database Unit, a part of Legal Department, is responsible for maintaining a Database of legal materials, producing periodic reports on the status of pending legislation, and maintaining relations with the Official Gazettes with a view to promoting the timely publication of legal enactment, preparing for publishing of the High Representative Decisions and other issues.

"For the local language versions of documents listed below, please refer to official BiH sources."