Op-ed by HR Valentin Inzko: Institutions Need Continuity and Timely Appointments

Legal procedures are in place at the state and entity level to ensure that executive and administrative positions are filled in a transparent and efficient way, but – from seats on the BiH Council of Ministers to seats on statutory boards – positions routinely remain unfilled until long after existing mandates should have come to an end.

A Major Step Forward for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Although deep political divisions persist in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the people of this country can rightfully be proud of what they have accomplished since the Dayton Peace Agreement was signed in November 1995.

Mostar: Time for Compromise

With municipal elections due to be announced on 10 May, time is fast running out to implement the rulings of the BiH Constitutional Court that require politicians in Mostar and the BiH Parliament (not the High Representative) to make limited changes to Mostar’s electoral system.

The Politics of Recovery Can Be Built In Srebrenica

After years of stalemate, economic decline and mounting social problems, Bosnia and Herzegovina has entered a more hopeful phase. A Council of Ministers has been formed and all of the coalition parties are committed to tackling the economic crisis and getting the country back on the road to Euro-Atlantic integration.

Op-ed by Valentin Inzko: A Dynamic and Effective OHR

In recent years, the International Community has resisted popular demands to intervene in disputes and solve problems that BiH politicians are not solving themselves by adopting and implementing much needed reforms, including those required for EU membership.