Inzko: I support an active citizenry

Citizens across Bosnia and Herzegovina are calling for social justice. They are also tired of corruption and dysfunctional services; they want equal opportunities; they want authorities who are accountable to the people.

Inzko: The voice of the people must be heard

“I fully and whole-heartedly support the right of citizens to protest in a democratic and peaceful manner. Citizens are deeply concerned for their future and rightly expect their politicians to listen to them”, High Representative Valentin Inzko said today after meeting with representatives of the citizens’ plenum and the Cantonal Assembly in Zenic [...]

Brcko Supervisor lifts bans against three individuals

The Supervisor of Brcko District Tamir Waser today lifted the bans on holding public office in Brcko District against three individuals who were removed from their positions in 2007-2008. The individuals are Ismet Dedeić, Slobodan Katanić and Đorđe Popović.

Reasonable and Constructive Response to Dissatisfaction of Citizens

“Corruption, unemployment and low standard of living have produced dissatisfaction among BiH citizens and this requires a reasonable and constructive response from all political leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” High Representative Valentin Inzko said today.