Celebrating Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Membership to the UN

“On 22 May 1992 the UN General Assembly accepted Bosnia and Herzegovina as a member to the United Nations. Previously, on 20 May, the UN Security Council had adopted a resolution recommending the country’s membership and expressing its conviction that Bosnia and Herzegovina will make a significant contribution to the work of the organisation”. [...]

Inzko meets Ban Ki-moon

Political leaders have failed to deliver concrete progress in Bosnia and Herzegovina over the last six months, while senior officials from Republika Srpska continue to challenge the Peace Agreement, as well as the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the state, High Representative Valentin Inzko told UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in New [...]

Joint Statement on the Matter of Residence

The European Union Special Representative/Delegation of the European Union, the Embassy of the United States and the Office of the High Representative are very concerned about the ongoing politicization of the matter of residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.