02/07/2018 OHR

PDHR Hearne visits Mostar

The Principal Deputy High Representative, Dennis Hearne, paid a visit to Mostar on Wednesday, 07 February 2018.

Over the course of his first and introductory visit to Mostar, Hearne met with representatives of the cantonal and city administration, as well as representatives of local NGOs.

Following a meeting with Ljubo Bešlić, Hearne told the media in Mostar that the international community is willing to help local stakeholders when it comes to the electoral reform, which also includes resolving the issue of local elections in Mostar, but it is up to domestic politicians and institutions to come up with solutions.

PDHR Hearne’s visit to Mostar was part of a series of routine visits across BiH. Previously the PDHR visited Brčko and Banja Luka.