10/23/2017 OHR

HR and PDHR meet HDZ BiH representatives from the BiH Parliament

High Representative Valentin Inzko and Principal Deputy High Representative Dennis Hearne met today with a delegation of HDZ BiH representatives from both houses of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly at their request. Parliament members briefed the High Representative and his deputy on their views regarding the amendments to the BiH Election Law.

The High Representative inquired about the status of discussions between political parties regarding this issue. He said that “the international community is unified in stressing that there is nothing unavoidable about a political crisis after the 2018 elections. Elections must take place in October 2018 and their results must be implemented smoothly. Equally, Constitutional Court decisions must be implemented. We look to you, the parties in parliament to address the issue at hand by sitting down and negotiating in a spirit of compromise in order to find a solution.”

The High Representative and the delegates also briefly discussed the issue of the Public Broadcasting System reform. The High Representative stated that the OHR’s priority is to help strengthen the financial stability, political and professional independence of the PBS System.