05/16/2017 OHR

High Representative to present report to the UN Security Council

This week the High Representative, Valentin Inzko, is visiting Washington and New York, where he will present the 51st report to the UN Security Council. While in Washington, the High Representative is meeting with high level officials at the White House, National Security Council and the US State Department, as well as with members of President Trump’s Republican Party in the US Congress.

 Following the delivery of his report to the UN Security Council on Thursday, High Representative Valentin Inzko will meet with a number of Permanent Representatives to the United Nations.

The High Representative will use this opportunity to inform his interlocutors about the current political developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as political trends and future prospects for the country. “Bosnia and Herzegovina has continued its efforts along the Euro-Atlantic integration path. The BiH authorities have received the EU questionnaire, and have completed the adaptation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement. I once again call upon BiH authorities at all levels to maintain their focus on the EU accession path and accelerate it.”

Despite these positive developments, Bosnia and Herzegovina has also seen several challenges over the six months covered by the High Representative’s report.

Looking ahead, Bosnia and Herzegovina will hold the next general elections in the autumn of 2018. The BiH authorities need to ensure that all necessary conditions are met to enable the smooth conduct of the elections, and swift implementation of the results, said the High Representative.

 The High Representative’s message to the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina is to make the most of the upcoming period in order to show voters that they are able to work toward the future and deliver meaningful reforms to improve the situation in BiH.