05/09/2017 OHR

HR and PDHR met with members of the BiH Central Election Commission

High Representative Valentin Inzko and Principal Deputy High Representative Bruce G. Berton met today with members of the BiH Central Election Commission (CEC) to discuss the situation with the Commission’s Education Centre, the upcoming general elections, as well as the efforts of the working group which is analysing and proposing modalities for introducing new technologies in the election process in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The High Representative remarked on the crucial role of the CEC in the training of members of municipal election commissions and polling stations on the implementation of election legislation, and in the training of political subjects on rules regarding the financing of political parties. He emphasized the need for the Educational Centre to open its doors as soon as possible.

High Representative Inzko also took the opportunity to thank the CEC and the members of the working group for their work. One of the results is a proposal for introduction of new technologies that will increase the efficiency and transparency of the electoral process. This proposal has been submitted to the BiH Council of Ministers for further action. “Any effort, which will result in more transparent and efficient elections and a speedier announcement of results, is of interest to the citizens and the International Community,” Inzko said.