11/14/2016 OHR

High Representative Inzko and PDHR Berton meet BiH Presidency members

High Representative Valentin Inzko and Principal Deputy High Representative Bruce G. Berton met today in separate meetings with BiH Presidency Chair Bakir Izetbegovic and Presidency member Dragan Covic. Among other issues, related to the current political situation in the country, they discussed the recent HR’s Report to the UN Security Council and his views presented in the report.

Today’s meeting also touched upon the upcoming session of the Peace Implementation Council at the level of Political Directors, which will also include the Presidency members. They discussed the overall work of institutions, current blockades, the implementation of reforms, and the status of Euro-Atlantic path of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

High Representative Inzko and his Principal Deputy Berton will meet with BiH Presidency member Mladen Ivanic on Tuesday.

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HR and PDHR meet BiH Presidency Chair Bakir Izetbegović HR and PDHR meet BiH Presidency member Dragan Čović 2016_nov_hr-pdhr-ivanic