06/09/2016 OHR

Brcko District Supervisor commends Brcko District Assembly for adoption of key financial legislation

Principal Deputy High Representative and Brcko District Supervisor Bruce G. Berton praised the Brcko District Assembly for the adoption of the Law on Fiscal Systems, Law on Accounting and Auditing, Law on Foreign Currency Operations and Law on Amendments to the Law on Payment Transactions.

“The adoption of the financial sector laws by the Brcko District Assembly will further integrate the Brcko District into the legal system of BiH, facilitate the implementation of the BiH economic program negotiated with the International Monetary Fund and, most importantly perhaps, empower the District with efficient instruments of increasing transparency, fighting grey economy and generating revenue that will help improve Government services to all District residents”, said PDHR/Supervisor Berton.

Given the importance of the adopted laws and their relevance for other country-wide programs, the PDHR/Supervisor urges all the responsible authorities to invest a maximum effort in ensuring their promt implementation.