04/26/2016 OHR

The time has come for parliamentarians to enable Mostarians to elect their own local representatives

Tomorrow’s session of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly provides a long awaited opportunity to finally enable Mostarians to enjoy the basic right to elect their own local representatives.

“With the upcoming local elections about to be announced, it is now time to finally take a decision that will enable local elections to go ahead in Mostar this year. I urge and expect all the delegates and political parties represented in the BiH Parliamentary Assembly to play a constructive role tomorrow so that amendments to the BiH Election Law that implement the BiH Constitutional Court’s ruling on Mostar are finally adopted. I would like to stress how important it is that Mostar is resolved in a manner that is consistent with the Court’s decision and is legally sound, but also that does not divide the city, particularly not along the former confrontation line. Mostarians cannot be expected to wait any longer to vote, nor should Mostar be linked to any other issue. It is time to recommit to reintegration and to put Mostar back on a positive path,” the High Representative said.

The High Representative also noted that “The International Community is closely watching how the parties engage in the run up to tomorrow’s session. The leadership’s ability to resolve issues such as Mostar’s electoral system is an important indicator of BiH’s progress.”