17.11.2015 OHR

Time to change the political dynamic in Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Bosnia and Herzegovina desperately needs to come together and to work for a common purpose while the international community needs to support those who are willing and ready to follow this path. Now is the time to get behind the changing political dynamic in Bosnia and Herzegovina so the country and its many talented and hardworking people can reach their full potential,” High Representative Valentin Inzko said last night.

The High Representative was speaking at a conference hosted by Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies’ Centre for Transatlantic Relations to mark the 20th anniversary of peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to reflect on the prospects for achieving political and economic progress that would bring enduring stability and prosperity to the country.

“The challenge for Bosnia and Herzegovina is not just one of what needs to be done. It is also a challenge of how things are done. Twenty years after Dayton, there is no denying the fact that the country all too often suffers from division. This is why it is so important that the country get on track in a way that fosters reconciliation and reintegration”, concluded High Representative Valentin Inzko.