18.11.2015 OHR

PDHR Berton speaks at Budapest conference marking 20 years of Dayton

Principal Deputy High Representative Bruce G. Berton participated in the conference “Bosnia and Herzegovina: 20 Years After Dayton” co-organized by the Center for EU Enlargement Studies and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Budapest. The conference reflected on the most prominent socio-economic challenges in BiH today and how international actors influence the political, economic, and social developments in BiH.

Speaking about the foreign influences in the country, PDHR Berton assessed that the international community has made enormous diplomatic, military and financial investments to BiH since 1995 in order to maintain peace, build the country’s institutions, and promote reintegration and reconciliation.

“The Dayton framework remains in place, and while the international community’s influence is still extraordinary compared to some other countries, over the years, its role has been changing gradually. The degree of hands on engagement by the international community in day-to-day activities in BiH is much less than it was 20 years ago.” PDHR Berton said at the conference.

He concluded by saying that the EU agenda, which is gaining serious traction, enjoys the full support of the High Representative and that BiH’s future in the EU is beyond doubt. 
Click here for the full text of PDHR Berton’s speech.