Guidelines to the Field #3 September 1, 1999

Guidelines to the Field #3 Overview of Educational Problems in BiH and Guidelines for Intervention September 1, 1999, Sarajevo Table of Contents Introduction Rights Norms vis-r-vis Education The Right to Education Principal of Non-Discrimination Minority Rights Constitutional Framework in BiH Federation Republika Srpska Education Policy in [...]

Human Rights Report August 1999

SUMMARY Obstruction in Education intensifies as school year commences Shooting incident in Kozarac Complete blockage of property law implementation in Stolac and Capljina Violations of Religious Property in Republika Srpska Brcko Annex issued; potential model for multi-ethnic co-existence REFUGEES, DISPLACED PERSONS, and the RIGHT TO RETURN [This [...]

Human Rights Report July 1999

SUMMARY Stability Pact promises regional approach to issues including human rights Difficulties continue for Serb returnees to Drvar Livno Bus Case sets precedent for employment discrimination cases in BiH Military authorities in the RS intervene in evictions process Education authorities in BiH blocking important reforms REFUGEES, DISPLACED PERS [...]

Human Rights Report June 1999

SUMMARY Local authorities threaten to expel returnees from Drvar High Representative issues comprehensive package of property-related decisions Human Rights Chamber finds RS discriminated on basis of religion by preventing rebuilding of mosques in Banja Luka Judges and Prosecutors sign identical Codes of Ethics in RS and Federation REFUGEES, DISP [...]

Human Rights Report May 1999

SUMMARY Muted response to Milosevic indictment Bosniak return to Kotor Varos blocked Deadline for claiming socially owned apartments in RS extended to 19 December 1999 High Representative suspends powers of municipal authorities to reallocate or dispose of socially owned land RS Supreme Court orders retrial of Zvornik 3; 3 remaining prisoners rele [...]

Human Rights Report April 1999

SUMMARY Influx of persons from FRY continues Violent incidents in Prozor-Rama following Bosniak return High Representative extends deadline to claim property in the Federation to 4 July 1999 High Representative cancels permanent occupancy rights issued during and after war Zvornik 7 appeal heard by RS Supreme Court Knezevic murder suspects found N [...]

Human Rights Report March 1999

SUMMARY Federation Deputy Minister of Interior dies as a result of car bombing in Sarajevo Security concerns lead to evacuations from Republika Srpska Influx of persons from FRY More explosions in Stolac High Representative extends deadline to claim property in the Federation to 4 July 1999 High Representative cancels permanent occupancy rights is [...]

Human Rights Report February 1999

SUMMARY 100 Bosnian Serbs return to Mostar Bomb in Travnik injures Bosnian Croat policeman Review of implementation of Federation property laws Implementation of RS property laws begins NGO issues report on discrimination and segregation in education in Federation THE RIGHT TO RETURN ASSESSMENT VISITS AND RETURNS [This section focuses on visits [...]

Human Rights Priorities for 1999 – January 1999

Human rights coordination centre A cooperative effort within the Office of the High Representative Human Rights Steering Board Recommendations to the Human Rights Task Force Introduction Progress made in the field of human rights during 1998 has contributed to the further development of a variety of mechanisms for human rights protection in Bosnia [...]

HRCC Human Rights Monthly Report January 1999

IPTF places Stolac police officers on 3 months probation RS police officers torture murder Suspects 'Zvornik 3' exchanged for Bosnian Serb prisoners IPTF Monitors attacked in Foca following attempted SFOR detention of Bosnian Serb RS Instruction on Property Laws published

Human Rights Report December 1998

SUMMARY IPTF inspection team deployed to examine performance of Stolac police in preventing and responding to returnee-related violence Violent incidents in Eastern RS following SFOR detention of indicted war crimes suspect, including attack on ECMM monitors Progress on returns to Polje and Rastani RS police officers disqualified for involvement i [...]

Human Rights Report November1998

SUMMARY Continued incidents targeting Bosniak minority returns in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton; attacks targeting Bosniak minority returns in Teslic municipality Obstruction of Bosniak returns to Rastani UNMIBH Judicial System Assessment Programme established to monitor and assess BiH court system Implementation of property and housing laws in Feder [...]