Remarks of Brcko Supervisor Dr Raffi Gregorian

Good afternoon. I have a rather lengthy statement that I will make now, but there is also a press statement and that will be issued as well as the text of the new Supervisory Order. I called this press conference today for two reasons. The first is to announce the issuance today of a Supervisory Order by which I align voluntary religious instructio [...]

Transcript of the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference

“The process of European integration is the necessary next step in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s post-war recovery. It is the political, economic and social instruments that can replace the executive powers of the International Community”, the High Representative and EU Special Representative Miroslav Lajčák told parliamentarians from across Europ [...]

Transkript konferencije za medije međunarodnih organizacija

Visoki predstavnik i posebni predstavnik EU se danas nalazi u Briselu gdje će Komitet za politiku i sigurnost – ovaj Komitet formulira europsku sigurnosnu i obrambenu politiku – izvijestiti o zaključcima koji su doneseni na sastanku Vijeća za provedbu mira prošlog tjedna te o političkoj situaciji u BiH.

Transcript of the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference

The Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council (PIC) will meet in Brussels on Tuesday and Wednesday this week to assess Bosnia and Herzegovina’s progress in implementation of the Dayton-Paris peace accords and overall political situation in the county.