Interview: Hanns H. Schumacher, Senior Deputy HR “The winner does not take it all”

The winner does not take it all By Amra Kebo Mr. Schumacher, how do you assess the general elections in BiH? I think we can say they were positive. There is a clear erosion of support for the strong mono-ethnic parties. The SDS lost five seats in the National Assembly, and a similar thing happened in the Federation to the SDA and the HDZ.

Interview: Carlos Westendorp, the High Representative”The Nationalism is Insatiable”

The Nationalism is Insatiable by Ana Romero Carlos Westendorp is, together with Javier Solana, one of the best "positioned" Spaniards in Europe. But Westendorp, civilian High Representative in Bosnia, has a job that many describe as impossible: achieve reconciliation between, Muslims, Croats and Serbs after three years of civil war. In the Republik [...]