Article by the High Representative, Carl Bildt:”New Sick Man of Europe”

The events on the streets of Belgrade reflect a crisis in Serbia which could have far-reaching consequences for the stability of the Balkans. The demonstrations, ostensibly about the results of the November 17 local elections, are a manifestation of the deep unease which is becoming stronger throughout Serbian society. And rightly so.

Article by the High Representative, Carl Bildt:”Response to Dr Henry Kissinger’s article in the Washington Post of 8 September entitled – In the Eye of a Hurricane”

Response to Dr Henry Kissinger's article in the Washington Post of 8 September entitled, "In the Eye of a Hurricane" Sarajevo, 14 September 1996 While Henry Kissinger - "America in the Eye of a Hurricane" - is strong on analysis of the basic dilemmas of Bosnian peacemaking, as well as on how we ended up were we are, he is notably short on policies [...]

Article by the High Representative, Carl Bildt:”Extend the Brief on Bosnia”

Can it work? This is by far the most frequently asked question about the peace process in Bosnia. And can the countries contributing to the IFOR peace implementation force count on their troops leaving at the end of the the ear? The record after almost eight months of implementing the peace accord agreed at Dayton is a mixed one. Mr Radovan Karadzi [...]

Article by the High Representative, Carl Bildt:”Bosnia: Don’t Delay the Vote”

The essence of the peace process in Bosnia is to gradually overcome the bitter partition of the country that is the devastating legacy of 42 months of brutal war. This is so not only because of the morality of the issues involved but also because any partition is unlikely to be permanent and is more that likely to inspire similar ethnic separation [...]

Article by the High Representative, Carl Bildt:”I Haven’t Legitimized War Criminals”

Propaganda has been an instrument in the arsenal of diplomacy as long as this art has been known. But Bosnia and Herzegovina Ambassador Muhammed Sacirbey's April 30 article, "Dayton II is Overdue," on the peace implementation process in Bosnia contained a number of facts and accusations that were manifestly wrong and misleading. I have never, since [...]

Article by the High Representative, Carl Bildt:”The Important Lessons of Bosnia”

The vision of Dayton - that of a common, multiethnic state - can be realised. But that will require both the will of the Bosnian people themselves, and a seriously renewed commitment from us in the international community. The difficulties we are facing now are primarily the responsibility of the political leaders on all sides in Bosnia.