09/21/2017 OHR

20 Year Anniversary of the Central Bank – A Dayton Institution

High Representative Valentin Inzko visited the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the occasion of the official celebration of its 20th anniversary. He used this opportunity to congratulate Governor Senad Softic and previous Governors, current and former members of the Central Bank Governing Council and all employees of the Bank on achieving and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.

“In 1996, the OHR, as the guarantor of the implementation of the General Framework Agreement for Peace, led the effort to establish an institution of the Peace Agreement – the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina – which laid the ground for what has become the cornerstone of BiH’s monetary and financial sector stability as well as the country’s post-war recovery and development. Today, the Central Bank continues to be a guarantor of stability and development in BiH and a model of a professional, independent and trust-worthy institution. I am proud that the OHR has been a part of this true success story”, said High Representative Inzko.